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  • The buw Group undertakes the entire management of customer relationships for its clients. A key pillar of this is the use of complex outsourcing tasks – whether this relates to call centres, business process outsourcing (BPO) or social media interaction – buw optimises in-house solutions in all aspects of customer management, consulting, business intelligence (BI) and customer excellence through its subsidiary buw consulting. With more than 5,300 employees in eleven European locations, buw is the biggest owner-operated service provider in the customer care industry and in the area of customer relationship management (CRM). The buw name has stood for leadership in quality and innovation as well as customer-tailored, customised solutions in planning, consulting and implementation since 1993.

  • buw call centre and customer management services

  • buw optimises your customer interface for the three dimensions of customer acquisition, customer retention and optimisation of customer relationships. buw assists with building and improving customer service through all channels – such as telephone, social media, chat or traditional text – whether or not this is outsourced or carried out in-house. buw also advises on all aspects of staff, technology and management.

    We offer proven, innovative solutions in the following areas: 

    Customer care: 

    •Inbound voice calls: from managing service requests, hotlines and technical consulting, to taking on all telephone contact with customers through outsourcing.

    •Outbound voice calls: from pre-sale measures such as analyses and deadline agreements, through to telephone sales.

    •Non-voice/text: quick and knowledgeable answers to requests sent by letter, fax, e-mail or chat, and reliable digital archiving.

    •Social media customer service: building and operating customer touch-points in social networks.

    Financial services:

    •BPO finance: we quickly, reliably and objectively show you potential for optimising the area of administration, and making your business processes in finance and accounting profitable.

    •Management of receivables: buw debt collection management detects high-risk customers in the early stages of debt collection and takes appropriate measures in a timely manner. Suitable steps are taken as quickly as possible in respect of customers who fail to pay.

    •Collection: we use the whole spectrum of extrajudicial procedures for debt collection to recover your receivables from defaulting customers. If extrajudicial measures are not effective, court procedures for debt collection are used. We offer this service for both current and aged receivables.


    buw consulting is a strategy and organisation consultant for everything customer-related. We develop and implement concepts and solutions for efficient and effective customer acquisition, retention and development in companies - mainly in the areas of sales, service, customer care and marketing.


    The buw Group

    The following companies are part of the buw Group:


    •buw operations: we provide comprehensive customer solutions from the classic call centre to social media customer interaction.

    •buw consulting: we evaluate and develop individual customer management strategies with you, and identify areas for action and areas with potential.

    •buw Forderungsmanagement (buw receivables management): we realise payments quickly – without litigation and without costly debt collection procedures. Our employees are conversation-oriented.

    •buw digital: we plan your customer service on all levels of the social web and provide individual social media services for your company.

    •Dialogum: we organise economic summits specific to the topic or industry and thus create exclusive networks for leaders.

    •Solvendi: our solutions for debt collection form a coherent chain of services – from preventative credit checks, to debt collection procedures in cases of default and optional home visits, to enforcement through the courts.

    •Deutsche MittelstandsMakler DMM: we offer medium-sized commercial customers qualified advice on insurance matters and on finding suitable insurance solutions.

    With over 5,300 employees, the buw Group is the biggest German owner-operated service provider in the customer care industry. The company has presence in Osnabrück, Münster, Halle/Saale, Schwerin, Leipzig, Wismar, Frankfurt am Main, Pécs (Hungary), Cluj-Napoca, Timisoara (Romania) and Gera and offers integrated solutions to successfully manage customer relationships. Clients such as Vodafone, RWE, Miele, debitel, O2, Asstel and Cortal Consors place their trust in buw. Independently awarded prizes such as “Entrepreneur of the Year”, “European Call Centre & Customer Service Award” and six time “Top Job” winner of the 100 best SME employees, all highlight the quality of our service.



    We are growing and are constantly looking for new employees to work in telephone customer service and other exciting areas. 

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    Erfolgreich: Teamleiter Basiscamps bei buw in Timisoara

    Vom 15.07. bis 25.07.2014 fanden in Timisoara  Basiscamps für Teamleiter statt. An fünf Tagen widmeten sich neun Teamleiter aus Cluj und Timisoara unter The post Erfolgreich: Teamleiter Basiscamps ...
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    buw Finanztag 2014: Lösungen für fachliche Herausforderungen

    Der buw Finanztag widmet sich am 25. September 2014 in Königswinter bei Bonn den aktuellen Themen der Entscheidungsträger im Bereich Finanzen. The post buw Finanztag 2014: Lösungen für fachliche Herausforderungen ...
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    buw Ideenküche zur Roadshow in Wismar – Bewerber gesucht!

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    ZUGFeRD – einheitliches Datenformat für elektronische Rechnungen

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    Aktion Handschlag: buwler helfen im Don Bosco Kinderheim Osnabrück

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    Inkasso: Solvendi-Serviceplattform erleichtert Informationsfluss

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    This was the idea of two students of the biogest owner-operated service provider in the customer care industry.