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  • buw has successfully managed countless projects and overcome countless challenges. To a certain extent, it is this experience that makes well-known clients long-term partners. But we also wouldn’t be buw if we rested on our laurels: the pace of innovation is still rapid and we want to successfully tackle the future with our clients.

  • Industry knowledge and buw tailoring - our secret to success

  • An important part of this process is industry know-how, because the demands made on the customer interface differ from industry to industry. buw uses its specialist knowledge in many areas and can therefore guarantee clients maximum security, as well as advice and implementation at eye level.

    Furthermore, we want to overcome specialist challenges with specialised solutions. As an owner-operated company, we are more versatile and more flexible than many group competitors in the market. We apply this advantage to big and small client projects: buw creates tailoring where others would just use off-the-shelf solutions.

    Health & pharmaceuticals

    Cost pressure has also arrived in the pharma industry, at least since the last health reform.


    In the future, having the best product on the market will no longer be enough to secure long-term success and a higher market share.

    Banks & savings banks

    Customer satisfaction and customer loyalty in the banking sector heavily depend on the way in which banks establish contact in dialogue.


    As a service provider, you are outsourcing providers, either in a strict or a wider sense.

    Energy provider

    The competition is increasing, the price war is in full swing.

    Information technology

    You operate in a market that is undergoing huge changes. Cloud computing has clearly become a reality.


    In an increasingly more transparent and heavily price-driven market, the quality of customer interaction is increasingly becoming more of a differentiating feature.


    The telecommunications industry is one of the most competitive markets in Germany.

  • Health and pharma
    With an enormous expertise in the region of medical and related scopes,we are realising complex customer care solutions for you.
    Scarcely anybody has as much experience in the automotive sector as buw. With our innovative and our tried and tested conncepts you are on the safe side.

    Banking and saving banks
    Banks interaction with their clients is one crucial factor in this competition. We will sort out the best strategy for you.
    Pricing pressure combined with advancing demands on quality and service: buw helps you to arrange these challenges.

    Electricity Supplier

    As electricity suppliers have  to put their clients into the focus of their strategies, buw works on the optimisation of their customer service since 2009.
    Informations technology
    From pre-sale phase up to service and support: buw helps companies to understand and supervise their clients.
    We assist you in this transparent and money-driven economy with tailor-made customer management concepts.
    ecommerce and trade
    Whether you are a Pure Player or looking for a connection between stationary trading or online-trading: buw helps you to find a sustainable way to success.
    Fast turning products in the even faster turning economy with even more faster turning customer needs: buw remains level-headed and have set the course to success!
    With established concepts and award-winning innovative products, buw shows how customer acquisition, customer loyalty and customer development operate optimally.
    An excellent customer service as well as steps to secure customer acquisition and dismissal preventions are in the focus of our activities for our sector of telecommunication.
    Especially in the pre-sale, sales and after sales phases, the customer care service plays a huge role for producing companies. buw has the apposite answer.

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