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  • More than 7000 buw employees at locations across Europe are ready to map the whole spectrum of customer management services – or individual parts of it – for you. This ranges from highly specialised services that require an incredible amount of knowledge about the client business, to general customer care solutions for small and medium enterprises, right through to large-volume projects that require hundreds of colleagues. buw also carries out short-term projects for customer management, customer dialogue and CRM just as enthusiastically and with the same level of commitment as the long-term assumption of demanding service tasks.
  • Outsourcing call center services

  • As an outsourcing partner, buw takes over all contact with your customers – with inbound or outbound calls, non-voice communication or digital customer service. From usual tasks to individual project solutions, we are on your side as a customer care champion!

  • Inbound

    Give your customers an outstanding service experience – with employees at buw, the quality leader of the German customer care industry. 

    buw gives your company service that differentiates you from the competition. You can blindly trust the competence, commitment and friendliness of our inbound voice employees. A clearly structured training and quality assurance programme consistently ensures exemplary service as a basis for joint success. Our motto “be no.1 with buw” is true. The buw excellence in inbound voice calls allows you to place an emphasis on excellence, which leads to more sales, trusting customers and service experience that people talk about – from automotive groups and energy providers to telecommunications companies.

    Inbound voice calls are the purest form of customer service, whether this relates to the user help desk, the investor care hotline, citizen hotline for administrations and municipalities, customer consulting by telephone, e-mail and fax and live chats through virtual advisors or through flexible “Question and answer” systems, the ordering hotline, the complaints hotline or the sales hotline.

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  • Outbound

    Confident and convincing buw telephone specialists who are well-versed on legal aspects work in outbound voice calls as your interface to areas such as telephone marketing and sales. 

    We constantly adjust to suit your individual industry, main issues and service or goods offerings. buw manages deadline agreements, potential analyses, telephone sales and the generation of opt-in explanations, as well as recording customer testimonials and attitudes, through the Net Promoter Score (NPS), lead generation, cross-selling and up-selling, customer win-back and challenging tasks such as receivables management and debt collection – from the project pilot to operational business.

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  • Digital customer service

    Dialogue is the new marketing: buw digital takes care of building and operating your customer touch-points in the world of social networks.

    Our integrated approach encompasses much more than just defending bad press. We actually see a huge opportunity for each company to engage in authentic dialogue with fans and critics. It is important to take this opportunity. We support your company in all aspects of social media customer service, from digital service design using Dialog 2.0 and proper alignment of the entire group or company in the age of social media (Enterprise 2.0), to training your employees and monitoring discussions they have through social networks.

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  • Written communication

    Coherent service package even without voice: in the non-voice area, we offer customers expert responses to their queries within a short space of time.

    This mainly relates to e-mail processing, customer service chat and contact forms, but also to correspondence by letter and fax. buw can combine all kinds of written material services, through to filing important documents as part of a cross-media complete solution, and facilitating barrier-free control in respect of reporting.

    Our services include processing letters, including addressing, franking and sending, as well as invoicing and debt collection, lettershop activities from planning individual work steps in print processing by distributing advertising material, targeted personalised customer contact, through to analysing returns, digital archiving for important documents such as contracts, insurance policies and other correspondence, written order acceptances and downstream order management.

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  • Finance outsourcing

  • Many companies face great challenges due to growing sales pressure and worsening payment behaviour. buw offers exciting consulting and outsourcing solutions in the area of finance and accounting, which are also part of customer management. In the following, you will find our services in the three areas of BPO Finance, Receivables Management and Debt Collection.

  • BPO Finance & Payment

    Enormous cost savings lie in wait in the areas of finance and accounting. Finance & payment BPO finds this potential for your company. 

    Let us quickly, reliably and objectively show you potential for optimising the area of administration, and making your business processes in finance and accounting profitable. Our experience: in most cases, operating costs can be reduced by 20 to 50 per cent – with increased flexibility and transparency as well.

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  • Debt collection and receivables management

    Do you have your receivables position under control? We make receivables that you are entitled to our concern and manage your debt collection and receivables processes.

    buw's intelligent debt collection management identifies and monitors high-risk customers even in the early stages of debt collection, and initiates suitable follow-up measures against defaulting customers as quickly as possible. Plans can be put in place for default risks, and judicial debt collection costs are capped.

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  • Collection

    The buw collection subsidiary buw finance secures your liquidity position, increases your profit and gives you back your freedom in respect of financial transactions.

    Customers who are poor payers limit your liquidity and are the cause of significantly higher administrative costs. Many companies can barely cope with this double burden. That’s why there’s buw finance: benefit from standardised and tested IT technology, certified advisor know-how, transparent, appropriate processes, fast returns of funds and synergies, all due to the documented financial expertise within buw.

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