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  • buw is one of the biggest providers for call center services in Germany. Thanks to our specialization and more then 23 years of experience as a call center, we are leading in quality and innovations concerning outsourcing of Customer-Care answers.
  • Ensuring high quality and efficiency by external call center services

  • Upon arbitration of equity and pledges of services regarding the telephonially customer service, we, as an external call center contractor, attain the same level of quality as the internal call center co worker. Our greater process-effiency arranges a higher cost efficiency which means that our call center services are cheaper than self-managed Inhouse-resolutions for our clients.
  • The buw portfolio in external call center services

  • buw offers a wide range of established and innovative solutions in terms of call center services. Our highly qualified employees are more than happy to adduce the following call center services in terms of outsourcing:

    • Inbound: The call center inbound service deals with customer support only. Whether ordering- and grievance hotline or User Help Desk, Investor Care hotline and civic phone services: Our well-trained hotline-agents are managing all of your telephonical customer relations and accomplish pleased clients through kindness, expertise and commitment. More ...
    • Outbound: As an outbound professional and one of the biggest telesale provider in Germany, buw covers several industries, our experts are setting benchmarks in penetrated sectors. Whether in advance selling methods such as analysis and agreement on deadlines or telemarketing: We are working in a legal, profit-orientated and sustainable way. More ...
    • Digital customer service: Social media is an inherent part of nowadys way of communication. However, many companies do not know how to transport their brand equity via social networks. Our social media experts will design a tailor-made strategy for the public dialog 2.0 – whether via Facebook, Twitter & co., via chat or a blog with gripping details. More ...
    • Written Communication: Nowadays, even in Non Voice services, clients expect the company to interact immediately. We are happy to assume the handling of every written equiries via letters, fax and e-mails, as desired even the transmission of bills and courtesy reminders. Furthermore, we are offering a full service for direct mailing as well as archivating several important documents digitally. More ...
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