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    Hotlines are only as good as the people at the end of the line. Competence, commitment and friendliness become crucial factors. buw employees are highly trained experts who are regularly trained in dialogue with your customers in an inbound call center. And specifically on the needs of your industry - from the automotive sector to insurance companies.

    Inbound services are a pure form of customer service and customer relations are diverse. Some callers are just purchasing, others have a technical problem, are looking for information or want to connect with an authoritative contact. We take all customer calls centrally for you - across all industries.


    These are the most common ways in which an inbound call center can be used

    UHD – User Help Desk: people who call hotlines expect fast answers, even if it relates to a complex subject matter. Our team tries to generate initial solutions. If we can’t help straight away, we’ll issue a ticket to a downstream support unit.

    Investor Care Hotline: direct and current information creates trusting communication with shareholders, investors and analysts. We help you to process your data, for example key company figures, share prices, and information on general meetings and financial reports. We put you in a network and are available for any queries.

    Hotlines for administrations and municipalities: citizens are customers and are often unhappy with the customer orientation of administrations and municipalities. buw gives advise and implements concepts that help to increase citizen satisfaction. Whether it’s a citizen hotline, information hotline or receipt of a form - buw has a suitable solution with the inbound call center. Even for emergencies: If, for example, there is a surge of calls due to a chemical accident, our staff can help with composure that is calm, competent and knowledgeable. If technical knowledge is required, we will forward calls to specialists or experts.

    Customer consulting: as well as personal conversations via telephone, e-mail or fax, customer service is becoming increasingly less labour-intensive and cost-effective approaches are therefore being used more frequently: live chats, virtual consultants or flexible “Question and answer” systems. These intelligent web solutions refinance themselves after a short amount of time. The cost of customer care can be reduced with the help of dialogue-oriented online tools. buw offers you concepts that suit your customer world exactly.


    Ordering hotline: employees in ordering are often the first point of contact with the business for customers. In the inbound call center, they represent your company, very personally and directly. Often, the caller doesn’t just want to order - they may also have questions or require information about other products. Our call center representatives are flexible and have a personable and knowledgeable approach to each problem. buw plans and organises your project in a way that is tailored to your needs. Via all channels of communication - by letter, fax, SMS, e-mail or telephone.

    Complaints hotline: perfect management of a complaints hotline contributes enormously to your company image. This is because the hotline provides a good opportunity for customers to get back on your side. Dealing with customer critique requires competency and the right tone in the inbound call center, in order to defuse potential conflict early on in the conversation. We ensure that your customers stay with you - with friendliness, competency, and speed. Because good complaints management creates sales.

    Sales hotline: Let our experienced, results-oriented buw new customer hotline assist you with your telephone sales. Specially trained employees sensitively approach potential customers and make them feel like they are in good hands. Our agents do not lose sight of the end goal, thus increasing your profitability. We take responsibility for developing, planning and leading campaigns for you, ensuring customer communication, and manage the interfaces for all participating company divisions.

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